Reach and Wash method

  • Safer and damage free environment
  • Less disturbances to your guttering and frames
  • Helps to remove all the stubborn dirt from your windows
  • Protects glass and frames as no scratches or damage
  • We use purified water which is brilliant at cleaning windows
  • We guarantee the results will be perfect

The Reach and Wash method by C W Window Cleaning

C W Window Cleaning work using the revolutionary reach and wash pole system. This means we use an extendable pole at ground level, with the ability to reach heights of upto 65ft. By doing this we are respecting your privacy, you wont have to worry about seeing us through the window! But also it provides a safer and damage free environment as we avoid disturbances to your gardens, guttering and frames etc that could be caused by using ladders.

Our soft filament brushes help remove all the stubborn dirt from your windows and sills whist ensuring the glass and frames are not scratched or damaged. This benefits those old or heritage properties with sensitive glass structure. The water is then pumped up a tube in the pole and comes through the centre of the brush using a high pressure to ensure good flow, making sure your windows get soaked and thoroughly cleaned.

C W Window Cleaning always use purified water which basically means it is completely de-ionised and de-mineralised. Unlike normal water this water is brilliant at cleaning windows as the water can dissolve any small partials and substances. Where your regular water would dries up and leaves streaks on your windows, the pure water can not do this, it simply evaporates leaving no residue.

When used regularly, this technique can not fail. However, if your windows have previously been cleaned differently with a more traditional manor using water and detergent (or not at all) you can expect your windows to have a stubborn film/ residue that has built up, you wont necessarily be able to see this but it will cause your windows to attract more unwanted dirt.

Because of this, we provide a service of a minimum of 3 cleans. This is because it would take 2/3 cleans to completely dissolve and remove all dirt and chemicals on your windows. So bare this in mind after your first clean, by your 3rd, we guarantee the results will be perfect.

Then by sticking to this method you will find your windows are more likely to stay clean for longer as there is nothing for the dirt to stick to

Your future is looking bright!

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