• Well known and trusted payment method
  • Hassle free easy monthly payment sytem

The Benifits of Go Cardless

Here are a few things CW Window Cleaning can tell you about the benefits of paying by Direct Debit through GoCardless.

  • You only need to set up payment once – Complete an online form and, unlike with a bank transfer, cash, cheque or card payment, you won’t have to remember to pay next time. Which means no accidental disruptions to your service provided by CW Window Cleaning.

  • You won’t ever need to update payment details – Unless you change bank accounts, you won’t have to worry about updating your payment details either (unlike, if your debit card expires, or is lost or stolen).

  • Paying through GoCardless gives you certainty – You’ll know exactly how much you’re paying and when it will come out, which can help with budgeting.

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